Specializing in laparoscopic surgeries

Types of bariatric and metabolic surgeries

Non-invasive methods

Laparoscopy actually performs intra-abdominal surgery
No need for surgical incision
Benefiting from the latest technologies in the world

Treatment of all types of obesity

Metabolic surgeries

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After participating in the exam, Dr. Peyman Ali Beigi was accepted into the subspecialty field of laparoscopy and metabolic bariatric surgery in 2013, and due to the hard work and the satisfaction of the professors, he graduated 8 months earlier than the usual time in the subspecialty field of advanced laparoscopy and bariatric and metabolic surgery. graduated Then, from 1991 to 1995, he participated in more than 20 courses of laparoscopic and bariatric surgery abroad, and as soon as he graduated, he started working as a professor at Iran University of Medical Sciences (Rasoul Akram Hospital).

Treatment of all types of obesity
Metabolic surgeries
Fight against sagging skin

Our performance in the treatment of obesity

How was the level of patient participation and satisfaction?

10+years of experience
8000+Laparoscopic surgery
6500+metabolic surgery

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Introduction of the clinic staff

دکتر علی بیگی

Dr. Peyman Ali Beigi

Advanced laparoscopy subspecialty fellowship

دکتر شهریار نیکنام

Dr. Shahriar Niknam


شیفته شکوهی

shifte shkohy

senior expert

eighth step

Periodic visits

seventh step

Completion of the medical record

sixth step

Preparing a package of supplies before the operation

fifth step

Getting an appointment

fourth step

See a nutritionist and psychiatrist

third step

Conducting tests, ultrasound and endoscopy for pre-operative examination

second step

Getting to know your special advisor

first step

Participating in a doctor's group seminar and getting familiar with all the standard obesity treatment methods in the world

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